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Answer: it doesn’t matter too much.  

Although it does say Facebook videos got 40% higher engagement - not clear where that number came from. Their graph on Likes, Comments, Shares doesn’t indicate that high a disparity and seems to put the disparity in favor of the YouTube videos. So… ?

Back to single column and tabs.  Hmm.  Don’t know if this is coming for pages or just profiles.

Heart. Sizes for all the pictures you need on social media sites.

TIL: Those neat scrolling effects are called “parallax” and are just CSS

Very useful article, Election Day peg or not.  Links to various resources for verifying/debunking pictures and information from social media

Someone missed this during the Olympics, but stumbled across it today while doing some elections research (don’t ask). I really like the different approach to thinking about how people find and consume information.

Good collection of links to conversations and articles about Twitter’s role during Sandy, and the spread of false information