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Just spent about 30 minutes trying to find this link.  Must remember to put things here instead of losing them forever. #notetoself

Also interesting in terms of thinking about what creates virality and how different organizations are pursuing viral content, Slate’s takedown (?) of Buzzfeed.

The primary purpose of an editor [is] to extend the horizon of what people are interested in and what people know. Giving people what they think they want is easy, but it’s also not very satisfying: the same stuff, over and over again. Great editors are like great matchmakers: they introduce people to whole new ways of thinking, and they fall in love.

Wow.  Tag items on Delicious and Delicious talks to Wordpress to make them easily accessible to bloggers doing link roundups.  It also powers topic pages.  That is pretty cool.

Still, the biggest thing that’s missing in the journalistic establishment is people who are good at finding all that great material, and collating it, curating it, adding value to it, linking to it, presenting it to their readers.

CURATION!!!! We add value when we find valuable things for our audience they otherwise wouldn’t have seen. Our goal should be to ferret out the gems from across the web

The BBC’s use of “dynamic semantic publishing” to populate World Cup pages. I am extremely jealous.