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Check out Kuwait’s Twitter domination (via How the Arab World Uses Facebook and Twitter [INFOGRAPHICS])

I’ve been trying to gather together some comprehensive information about the specs for profile customizations on various social media platforms.  I’ve got a bunch, but there are some question marks as well.  If you have any information to help flesh this out, contribute it and let’s build out a really useful resource…



Profile image: Square, displays at 125x125 (but apparently it should measure at least 180x180?)

Cover photo: 851x315 (must be at least 399 wide)

App custom image: 111x74

Specs on every other piece of the timeline design: http://www.dreamgrow.com/facebook-cheat-sheet-sizes-and-dimensions/


Main image: 180w x up to 540h

Thumbnail: A square piece of your profile image, as shown below, shrunk to 50x50.  Can also scale your full profile image to fit in the box.


Main image and thumbnail: square image, max 700k

Background image: Needs to fade to a replicable color on the right edge and bottom, Difficult to predict how much space you will get on either side of the Twitter content – depends on screen resolution and browser size.

Can also decide color of links


Avatar: Avatars can be up to 1600x1600 pixels, displays at 36x36 pixels

Background: content = 970px wide in the center, Endless scrolling, so you should have something that fades out

Banner (Partner channel only): needs to be included as part of the background. Can push your content down by up to 150px to display the banner section of the background. Insert an image map to create links.

Watch page logo (Partner channel only): 25px h by anything up to about 200px wide

Channel guide for the old design: http://www.youtube.com/pdf/YouTube_Brand_Channel_Redesign.pdf


Main image and thumbnail: square image


Be Better at Twitter: The Definitive, Data-Driven Guide -  The Atlantic

A handy guide with lots of tips for improving your Twitter use. 

Decent quick intro to best practices for the soon-to-come Twitter brand pages. Although given that I still don’t have new new Twitter, I’m not optimistic about getting this anytime soon…

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I’m currently trying to develop a better workflow design for myself. It’s been a little while since I stepped back and evaluated what I should be accomplishing and how I can provide the most value to my organization.

I’ve been thinking that through in my own head, and hope to get some more brain time to finish that thinking process, but also seeing what others have had to say out there. Here are some of the most useful links I’ve found:

Steve Buttry: How a Digital First approach guides a journalist’s work
American Journalism Review: Harnessing Social Media
Mandy Jenkins: What does a social media editor do?

That last one is probably the closest to what I’m trying to do, which is lay out specifics of what has to be accomplished on a daily, weekly and monthly basis (both in terms of tasks and goals).

Do you know of any other great resources I may have missed?

@rbole says this has a good analysis of how individual journalists drive engagement more than institutional accounts on Twitter.

I was bemoaning lack of adorable first computer pictures to go along with all the heartfelt tweets. I take it all back - so many sweet pictures of kids with their first computers.

(via My first computer was… - storify.com)

Storify of people sharing about their first Apple computer in honor of Steve Jobs. I wish more people had pictures - it would be an amazing Tumblr as well.

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The top five companies in our sample that generate the most clicks link to their own sites 37.9% of the time. And the top five companies in our sample that generate the most conversions link to their own sites 41.6% of the time. This feels like a pretty solid sweet spot.